Frequently Asked Questions

When to Arrive?

Come 5 minutes early as our online meditation classes are LIVE.
Get yourself extremely comfortable, relax and catch your breath. Our LIVE online meditation classes start on time and we do not allow late entry.

What to Wear?

Dress as comfy as you can.

What to Expect

Emma’s classes are LIVE online. She will go through what meditation she is covering and run through what the meditation is all about, expectations and how to achieve the best results. Emma guides you through the online meditation class. Most people will notice a feeling of calm and more clarity after one class, nearly everybody starts to feel additional benefits within 3-5 classes.

What will I sit on in a Class?

Being comfortable is extremely conducive to meditation. Some people choose to lie down. Do whatever works to keep your body at ease allowing the meditation to be enjoyable as you natural move into a meditative state with ease.

What does the science say about meditation?

A lot. Every year more studies come out saying how good meditation is for you, including benefits to health, emotional state, memory and relationships. Corporate Meditation Health & Wellness Programs

How long before I start feeling benefits?

You’ll feel changes right away. Most people feeling calmer, more energised and more at peace from their first meditation.

Is there anyone this doesn't work for?

The short answer is “No”. If you can breathe, you can meditate. You simply to get comfortable – close your eyes and let me gentle guide you through your online meditation class. It’s easy – effortless and very enjoyable.

I can’t stop thinking—how will I do this?

You don’t have to try to stop thinking in order to meditate. If you try not to think, you end up thinking more! I will guide through the process of relaxing into a meditative state regardless of how busy your mind is.

How am I going to fit this into my life?

We’ve taught thousands of people who find the time to meditate every day and certainly weekly.  Besides when you meditate you will become calmer, less anxious and more focused so you start to gain time and as you move through your day with ease and efficiency. Due to the meditation classes being online, you don’t have to travel anywhere, saving precious time.

Is this religious?

Nope. No robes, no shaven heads, no chanting.

Free of dogma or belief.

We’ve taught people from all the world’s major religions—there is no conflict.

Do I have to chant, or sit in strange yoga positions?

No chanting. You simply sit or lay down in a comfortable position with your eyes closed.

Am I going to be so chilled out that I’m going to lose my edge?

No, quite the opposite. Meditators find that they are even sharper, more driven, more focused and operate with greater clarity.

You don’t turn into a spaced-out hippy. You actually get better at dealing with the things that matter in your life. You also get clearer about what those priorities are.

Didn't find the answer?

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