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Meditation Chair


Our custom-designed seats are made for pure comfort and back support, completely removing the barrier of discomfort while meditating.

Handmade products with a lifetime warranty. Full colour chart to choose from.

Australian Certified Organic Essential Oils – 100% Pure


Australian Certified Organic Essential Oils – 100% Pure

These oils are the quintessence of purity, quality and efficacy  Their sensuous, olfactory and therapeutic benefits have long been extolled and employed by aromatherapists, herbalists, and massage therapists. They’re rejuvenating and anti-bacterial properties make them also ideal for use in skincare applications.


The Zen Room LIVE Virtual Meditation Timetable


Anyone can meditate when guided correctly.

In 30 minutes melt away your stress, worries & anxieties.

  No downloading of apps – just simply click on the class you want to attend and you will be text a link that takes you straight into the virtual meditation studio where your LIVE class will be held.

We couldn’t make it easier for you!