Meditation Cushions



Meditation Cushions

Our signature Meditation Zafu Cushions

custom made with Love in Australia.

The Zen Room was inspired to make beautiful Australian made meditation cushions both good for the Planet and for the people, using them.

 Our well-thought-out designs promote the support and alignment necessary to maintain a comfortable seated position making it so easy to move into a relaxed meditative state.

Our meditation cushions will conform perfectly to the shape of your body, and allow you to evenly distribute your weight, eliminating pain-causing pressure points. Once you find your perfect position, the buckwheat filling will hold its form and continually support you throughout your practice.

The Zen Room Meditation Cushions are Made here in Australia from 100% Australian materials.

Contains an inside inner zip pouch. The outer cover is removable for convenient cleaning. It is a warm organic cotton/linen blend in an earthy beige colour. Inner lining cotton.

Round cushion is 15″inchs diameter x 5″inches height.

Includes a handle so you can bring it along with you and practice anywhere.