The Zen Room LIVE Virtual Meditation Timetable


Anyone can meditate when guided correctly.

In 20 minutes melt away your stress, worries & anxieties.

  No downloading of apps – just simply click on the class you want to attend and you will be text a link that takes you straight into the virtual meditation studio where your LIVE class will be held.

We couldn’t make it easier for you!

Deep Relaxation Meditation Fully Booked Reduce stress, anxiety and negative emotions. A meditation class to reconnect you back to your inner peace. Bring some order and stillness back to your most important faculty of your life - your mind. $9.00
Deep Relaxation Meditation Meditation class to relax your entire nervous system, creating a deep calm – allowing your cells to heal and restore, refunding back all the wear and tear on your system. Leave feeling completely calm and peaceful. $9.00
Deep Relaxation Meditation A perfect way to shed the day. Learn how to relax your whole nervous system, creating an environment within which will allow for deep healing, restoring & refunding back all the wear & tear on the system. Creating a deep calm - leaving you completely calm and peaceful. $9.00