COMING SOON - The Zen Room - Self Care Centre

The Zen Room Self Care Centre is all about learning different practises and activities that will take care of your mental, emotional, and physical health.

The Zen Room Self Care Center is a place you can go and choose what is speaking to you on a given day. It will be a library filled with resources – such as:

Guided Audios
The Zen Room will be filled with guided meditations and breathing exercises, along with a range of wellness topics, but in the meantime my two favorites are:

  • Ease Anxiety: Use this audio to induce calm and bolster your immune system. The track includes breath work, silent meditation and healing affirmations.
  • Guided Visualization to Up lift you: Use this audio when you are feeling down – It will lift your spirits in no time.

Conversations with Guest Experts are Coming soon
One of my favorite things to do is trade secrets and techniques with some of the people I most admire in the wellness and performance worlds. I’m bringing those conversations to you soon.

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